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San Dimas Plumbing Services & Repair

Does your home call for a San Dimas Plumber?

Vortex Pluming addresses all types of issues related to plumbing in San Dimas.  We will repair and install faucets, tubs, sinks, water heaters, and handle any and all of your plumbing needs in San Dimas.  Our extensive 20+ years of plumbing experience in San Dimas will have your home or business free of any plumbing problems in no time.  We offer very competitive prices against many other plumbers in San Dimas and provide quality work.  Don’t let there be raging waters in your house.  For a reliable plumber in San Dimas, call Vortex Plumbing!

San Dimas Plumbing service areas include:

  • San Dimas Canyon
  • Downtown San Dimas
  • and more!
January 25th, 2012