About Vortex Plumbing


We are a plumbing company operating out of the City of Chino since 1992 with 30+ years of experience in the plumbing trade. Vortex Plumbing services Chino Valley and Orange County. 


Vortex Plumbing's success has been built on honesty, reliability, referrals, repeat business, reputation and most of all customer satisfaction with every plumbing service we provide. Vortex Plumbing's services include sewer cleaning, water heater service, kitchen and bathroom plumbing (including servicing and installing sinks, faucets, angle stops, garbage disposals, dishwashers, ice makers, gas lines, toilets, tub valves, shower valves, and drains), backyard plumbing, fixing stoppages & slab leaks, and kitchen/bathroom remodeling. We also specialize in sewer repair/replacement and full service copper re-piping. Our service technicians are experienced. We do not require our technicians to sell, our company sells itself.

Vortex Plumbing Team
Mike Burns

Hello, my name is Mike Burns, and I am the owner and President of Vortex Plumbing. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my company. I spent 4 years in the military just after High School in 1980, My job title was a Plumber and Water purification specialist. I started plumbing in the military and landed a job with a plumbing company in 1985 just after I got out of the service. I started Vortex Plumbing in 1992 and slowly built it up from there. I am an honest, trust worthy and reliable man. I believe in honesty, kindness, and cleanliness. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. When I was working as a technician it would always put a smile on my face when I would leave the job after a repair and the homeowner or tenant would say "Thank you so much" there's no better feeling to help someone out when they're in distress. We now have 8 employees and 6 company trucks that are fully loaded and on the road. I want all my employees to have the same personality and caring about customers as I did, therefore we do background checks and drug testing upon hiring any new employees, we look at integrity, honesty, and a good personality and people that truly care and fit into our company. I think the thing that separates us from other Plumbing Companies is that we charge by the hour, not by the job. That way customers get what they pay for and don't get ripped off. For instance, you might call a plumber out, he might say “I can fix it right now for $350.” And you agree. If it takes him 45 minutes to do the repair, you just paid $350 for 45 minutes. What we charge at this time is $102.00 per hr. per plumber. No travel time, just from the time we get there until the time we leave. After the first hour, we charge by the half hour. 

Gaby E.

My name is Gaby, and I've been in the plumbing business for over 19 years. I began my first plumbing-clerical position straight out of high school. My job duties were simple: answer phones, take phone messages, and help with billing. With time, I gained more experience and began taking larger tasks and more responsibilities. Within 5 years, I was in charge of dispatching all field technicians, assigning jobs, answering all phone calls, and handling all billing. Today, I'm responsible for the bookkeeping, payroll, managing office staff and field techs. The plumbing industry is so amazing! I've learned so much from it and I'm very grateful for all the experience I've gained throughout my years on the job. My satisfaction comes from helping customers, tackling a hectic plumbing schedule, getting all the jobs assigned and completed in a timely manner. I love what I do and I'm here to help you!

Russell Coleman

Hello, my name is Russell Coleman and I am the Foreman Plumber at Vortex Plumbing. I have been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years. Over the years, I have built a strong foundation of knowledge that includes but not limited to new builds, repairs, installations, remodels and tenant improvements for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Not only have I worked as a plumber out in the field, I also have experience as operations manager that has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the plumbing trade. I have become knowledgeable with job and material costing, proper plumbing codes, and strong and trustworthy customer relationships. I strive to deliver quality service and customer satisfaction, and I look forward to servicing you for all your plumbing projects!

Vortex Plumbing - LIC # 639824

13505 Yorba Ave, Suite L
Chino, CA 91710


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